When constructing and equipping flats and houses, we focus on the quality of workmanship and the durability of materials. Based on long-term cooperation, we trust our partners who know your wishes and your requirements on high-quality housing.

Building constructions
  • supporting system – reinforced concrete with brick lining (e.g. HELUZ)
  • non-load-bearing internal partition walls – internal partition walls: bricks (e.g. HELUZ); bathrooms: including plasterboard front walls
  • partition walls – monolithic and brick walls (e.g. HELUZ)
  • ceilings and roof – reinforced concrete slab
Sheet metal constructions
  • mostly tiatnium zinc
  • aluminium exterior window sills
Ironwork structures
  • steel
Stairs and common areas
  • floor covering of corridors and staircases – abrasion-resistant ceramic tiles
  • garage – polished and painted concrete board
House entrances
  • glass entrance door, electric security lock with preparation for home video phones
  • modern cable elevators
  • apartment house: parking spaces located on the underground floor
  • family houses: remote controlled sectional garage doors with electric drive
  • indoor common areas – lime-gypsum plaster
  • iterior of flats and family houses – lime-gypsum plaster
  • facade
    • contact thermal insulation system with tinted plaster
    • ventilated facade with color plates
  • concrete tiles
  • precast (smooth) concrete
Front gardens
  • mixture of substrate and ground, partly paved
  • equipped with an electrical socket and outdoor lighting
  • water outlet, fenced
Windows and balcony doors
  • plastic, multi-chamber, with thermally insulating triple glazing, four-position opening with micro-ventilation, white inside, white interior window sills
Interior doors
  • rooms – full, hollow chipboard, coloured foil, door frames, width: 800 mm
  • bathroom, toilet, closet, walk-in wardrobe – full, hollow chipboard, coloured foil, door frames, width: usually 700 mm
Entrance door
  • full, fireproof, painted metal door frame, safety class 2, flat surface, CPL surface, width: 90 cm, 3-point lock, 3 hinges, silver peephole, sound resistance 32dB, security fittings
Tiling, paving, flooring
  • bathroom, toilet – ceramic tiling and floor tiles La futura Living and Casablanca; available colors are presented in the sample room
  • closet – ceramic floor tiles Casablanca
  • hallway, rooms, walk-in closet – high-quality veneer flooring (family houses), laminate floating floor (flats)
Fixtures in family houses
  • washbasin Cubito series
  • some toilets - washbasin Cubito
  • white wall-hung toilet Cubito + wall-integrated flushing system, white dual-flush button, white toilet seat
  • bathroom and shower faucets HANSGROHE Logis
  • white bathtub Elba Shower, 170 × 75 cm, ceramic tiling
  • shower enclosure Classics 2
Fixtures in flats
  • washbasin Olymp deep series
  • some toilets - washbasin Lyra Plus or Tigo
  • white wall-hung toilet Olymp Deep + wall-integrated flushing system, white dual-flush button, white toilet seat
  • bathroom and shower faucets Grama
  • white bathtub MIAMI, 170 × 70 cm, ceramic tiling
  • shower enclosure ELBA, shower enclosure door TIME
Electrical installations
  • autonomous smoke detector in the hall, available sockets and switches are presented in the sample room, high-speed internet including interactive features and services
  • the house is connected via optical cables, there's a data socket in every room 
  • STA TV antenna in every room
  • house phone with preparation for the videophone situated in the entrance hall
Central heating
  • gas boiler room
  • heating radiators with thermostatic heads, convectors in front of windows with no window sills
  • heating ladder in the bathroom
  • preparation for kitchen cabinets, hot and cold water supply, drain outlet, preparation for an electric stove including kitchen hood preparation, socket circuits
Bathroom or closet
  • combined washing machine trap HL 405

The client standard is the criterion and indicator of quality. The developer reserves the right to use another product of the same quality level.


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