The Lipenecký park project is executed by Natland Real Estate a. s. and funded by the NATLAND Group investment group under the fund of qualified investors.

Natland Real Estate

Natland Real Estate, a. s. is a company experienced in preparing and managing various projects from residential and office buildings to sports facilities and airports. We work mainly on our own projects, but our services and expertise are also used by many reputable investment and construction companies.

Natland Real Estate, a. s. has built a reputation of a professional and trusted company its partners and clients can fully rely on. The company pledges to engage in all activities and to all partners and clients with the highest responsibility.


NATLAND Group is an international investment and financial group focused on investing in the areas of private equity and real estate and on providing financial services since 2001. NATLAND Group operates mainly on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe where it invests in majority and minority shares in companies with strong growth potential. The group manages funds of passive financial investors, mostly from the region of activity of the group, but also outside of it.

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